Living in the Lowcountry

Welcome to Palmetto Bluff! You are undoubtedly aware that our beautiful environment is filled with wildlife, some of which you may want around your house and some of which you may not. Here are some practical tips for co-existing with those who are unwelcome.

  • Never feed or approach a wild animal.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Do not leave pet food dishes outside and secure your trash cans.
  • Do not leave your pet outside alone and keep your pet’s vaccinations current.
  • Do not allow your pets in or near waters known to have alligators.
  • Never corner a wild animal, intentionally or not.
  • Wild animals do not make good pets.

If you need assistance (immediate or if you have a long-term problem) with wildlife here, please contact Palmetto Bluff Security at 843.706.6000. They will contact the Conservancy team if necessary.

Here is some in-depth information on some species we most commonly get questions about:

Living with Alligators
Living with Snakes
Cougars Fact Sheet